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Foxen Pinot Noir 2007 Santa Maria Valley

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Posted by Burke Morton On August - 6 - 2009

Foxen Pinot NoirFoxen Pinot Noir has always been sensational...and almost always impossible to get, until lately. The 2007 Santa Maria Valley Pinot Noir was a lovely example of this--I could smell it from a foot above the glass. Its fruit profile was so sweet that it actually went well with VANILLA ICE CREAM, which not many dry wines will do.

It was actually kind of unrelenting, however. I.e., it is a full-throated wine and it was just as intense by the time I finished it as when I opened it. Sounds perfect, but some might find this a flaw. For me this was just fine, but the wine was not continuously intriguing. I only felt that I needed more than just me on the drinking docket (my wife had some, but not much). I drank it over two days, so that helped.

I never stopped enjoying the heck out of it. Thanks to Foxen for making such a grand expression of Pinot Noir. It's somewhere in the ballpark of $30, so well worth it.

Food & Wine Harmony: The fruit profile of this wine is so extraordinary that you could truly pour some on your ice cream and it would be excellent--weird, yes, but excellent. I also found it good with a parmesan-herb frittata, and a Thai-spiced grilled chicken, but I suspect that I would go with a huge variety of foods from savory to sweet.

For those who care:
Foxen 2007 Pinot Noir Santa Maria Valley 18.6/20
Soaring scent of plums and black cherries--ridiculously sweet aroma--with violets in the background. Santa Maria Valley wines so often have the aura that this wine has as well. Seems angelic, but also rather obvious about its piety.... The flavors back this up, and are so sweet (within the confines of DRY wine, for those of you worried about that) that it is hard to believe.

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