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Jade Mountain 2006 Mourvèdre

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Posted by Burke Morton On September - 9 - 2009

Jade Mountain MourvèdreFor some reason, the Jade Mountain 2006 Mourvèdre Evangelho Vineyard (née de Contra Costa County) is on sale around here for $10! I imagine that it is because of the logo change that has happened at Jade Mountain. However, this can't be good for the future sales of the wine here in Ohio...though this would seem to be moot, as it appears that they have withdrawn the Mourvèdre from their portfolio.

The new logo is more chic and trendy, but the original logo has a very cool archival feel to it that I am sorry to see go. The picture to the left is of the old label. If you want to see the new one, go here.

Whatever the case, the wine (which used to be $20, as I recall) is a delicious wine. $10 wines don't smell like this one does, and though I've had $20 Mourvèdres with more idiosyncrasy than this, it is soft-edged, so it will appeal to a wide variety of tastes.

Go get some Mourvèdre!

Food and Wine Harmony:

Red Meat! This one would also be good with Pozole if it's not very spicy, but would be better with a white bean and pork concoction (again, not spicy). Pulled Pork BBQ would love to cuddle with this wine on your tongue, and it might even pull the shade....

FWIW:  The 'ho' in Evangelho, a Portuguese word, is pronounced "yo"

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