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Yellow Tail Jumps on a New Bandwagon

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Posted by Burke Morton On December - 7 - 2009

I'm not sure this is actually "news"--it certainly isn't of the "Oh, the Humanity!" variety--but it touches the nerve that controls my distaste for/distrust of Yellow Tail and other critter wines.

I'm not a fan of savvy marketing techniques when it comes to wine (other packaged goods, shampoo, cross-your-heart bra, second-rate beer, sure...the memory of a good ad almost makes Bud Light taste like something). One of the attractions of wine for me--albeit a secondary one--is that as an agricultural product, it doesn't bear a slick promotional campaign very well. So, Yellow Tail is Crowdsourcing the name of their new unoaked Chardonnay. Frankly the world needs another unoaked Chard like it needs a hole in the head, and I'm afraid that Yellow Tail is jumping on this bandwagon a bit late. Crowdsourcing refers to getting your users to name your product, which should mean that the brains on the business have been drained of originality, but probably is an attempt to drive consumer loyalty.

If you choose to enter (please don't), your prize will be a CASE OF THE WINE. Oooooh, that's an anticlimax! They've probably tried something like "Gotta Get Me Some Tail" as a slogan, so, if you are keen to enter, I imagine that something similarly punny for the name of the Chard would be the winner.

I pass this around because I loathe this kind of approach to wine sales, and I want to convert you to my side. I'll spare you the diatribe I just deleted, which was reasonably persuasive but too long and no one was going to read anyway. I hope you can infer my position....

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