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A New Year’s Resolution

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Posted by Burke Morton On January - 5 - 2010

A Toast (photo: Geir_Halvorsen)This is the time of year that wine writers like to share their New Year's Resolutions of Wine--seems an appropriate and clever thing to do. However, my brain is clearly not primed to capitalize on this kind of moment, because I didn't think about it until now. Perhaps this is because of my attention issues, but I rarely make resolutions anyway because I never get very far with them. Resolutions also tend to be self-centered, and my follow-through is better when other people are involved.

Resolving a Change that You Would Be Willing to Read About...
I could come up with a long list of things I would resolve to change because they are asinine or unfortunate [among other things, I would: crusade against the new fad for "all-in-one" wine glass shapes (this is a wine's equivalent of being stuck in middle-management--the wine could be even better, but the glass is keeping it down); expose more wine drinkers to cork-taint so that they will know that the wine was not bad, but that it was the cork that made it so (and tell them to take it back for a fresh bottle); and convince people who believe "if I don't like a wine, it must not and never will be good" that they are wrong (plenty of otherwise insightful people draw this conclusion).], but these are negative things and I really don't want to start out the year with THAT vibe, no matter how entertaining it is both to write and to read invective. Besides, these grievances may one day make perfectly good blog post topics of their own!

So, yes, I made a resolution this year (and to increase the chances for success, I stopped at one): I need to drink more wine with my friends, whom I do not see often enough. I don't think I need to elaborate much here, because it seems obvious that this would be a wonderfully easy resolution to keep. The nature of my work this past year has been and continues to be somewhat solitary and I can get buried in writing, but I admit I also succumb easily to inertia (after all, it's simpler: some folks want the ease of using one shape of fancy wine glass, while others will use three or four different shapes, so long as we don't have to go anywhere to use them). So I have resolved to pull my head up. I'd guess most people do this without having to think about it in advance, but if you don't already regularly share a bottle or two with your friends, then you might make a similar resolution, too, because take it from me--you are missing out.

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  1. whthair12 Said,

    Good resolution. Now stick to it!

    Posted on January 8th, 2010 at 12:53 pm

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You don't need to speak French to know that the iPad can double as a Champagne Sabre.... Happy New Year!

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